martes, enero 13, 2015

Fiery love

Feverish love, when I see the stars living in your eyes
Burning love, when I feel your skin set on fire under the dusking sun
Calorific love, when I hear the boling songs melting in your soul
Infernal love, when I can taste the streaming flow of heat inside your head
Heated love, when all I sense is the passion in your fists and words
A real love, made and born from the subjugating power of fire, element that transforms, and give shape to perfect tools. As long as the smith knows his way with his hands, fire will give life to every sip of imagining he might have, melting and thrusting, hitting and cooling, fading the old shapes into new ones. And therefore, fire aids us making love what we want it to be, making it even a bigger flame of what it can be, and yours and mine, is the hottest love I've ever met. And I know, this flame, will only grow bigger and as big as the moon in the dark sky, will let us see clear in the nights of our souls.

Moon Prince

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