lunes, enero 26, 2015

The Present

I can only hope, I can only dream
of the days past, where the light shone bright
but today, this day, as a gift is the present
one with ribbons of red and shine
pink wishes, becoming the truth, savouring the real me and the real you
only in the now, I can probe the days ahead,
a future of sweet colors and pretty moles
stars in the sky, filling the back
presents from the universe, that only you read
you can see them in your fingers, and touch them in your eyes
they came from you, and in me, the travel along
reminding me, that you are the other part,
the other side, that splited apart
once the lightning arrived and bolt us divide
once again I see you in my eyes, and hear you in my voice
my ears hear your restraints, I pray for your needs
the happiness I wish to become, the only reality that you ever atone

Moon Prince

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